Diary of a Curious IT Admin

Today I decided to start a blog. My marketing consultant told me it would be good for our site. Since she’s only the 12th person to tell me the same, I figured it’s time. 

Since I don’t expect too many people to read this, I decided to treat it like a diary for exploring my curiosities. As a bonus, it will show my employees that I’m not just playing solitaire when I disappear for hours. I only wish that I had the same youthful energy to stay up all night to tinker with stuff, but if I can pay my team to answer calls while I tinker with stuff, that’s all right by me.

Maybe one of my kids will read this someday and get inspired to follow my steps. That would be pretty cool. Lee and Son Consulting? Daddy and Cutie Pie Support? Maybe not. Anyway, buckle up for the nerdiest adventure of your life!